Why choosing a real estate agent for selling your house without all the hassle.

Selling your property is never an easy thing to do, even less when you are selling it in a foreigner country that you don’t understand. And that’s one of the reasons for choosing a local real estate agent is very important.

Nowadays, you have tones of property portals to help you selling your house, but, are they really useful?

You have probably heard about this or that other property portal. All of them saying they are the best ones to be used, and best of all: for free!

Free, a word that is used in almost 70% of the adverts…Let me tell you that Santa Claus is also very used…Do you really think they are going to sell your house for free?

Property Portals

Let me tell you how this works. Property portals are businesses that are looking to make money, agree? Well that’s correct. But, how do they make money then?

There are many ways they make money, but the main one is “renting” their prime positions to the highest bidder. This means that, unless you have the best bargain in the market, your “free” advert will barely be shown in the first positions. Banks, big real estates, promoters and other property portals will pay fortunes to get those juicy positions.

So, do you still think your best option is property portals? Will you be wasting time and money on making your advert perfect and visible? Probably not anymore…

This is why, the importance of having a good and reliable agent to help you selling your house in the shortest time. You must understand that the longer your property is in the market, the biggest amount of money you will lose.

Time is money! Yes, this is a real topic, but so true…

Call your local agent!

Reasons why choosing a real estate agent:

He will help you selling the property in less time and in the real market value.

Real estate agents have professional tools to help them valuate your house at the market value, the real one…Also, they have sold a considerable amount of properties before you and probably have an idea of how to do it better than you, without making you waste your time and money.

Of course they ask for a commission, but this is the way they make money, and thanks to that they can invest money in advertising your property, printing catalogues and magazines, paying crazy amounts of money in property exhibitions in foreign countries (add to that the travel costs, hotel, food…) and time expend in it just to sell your property.

People tend to think that real estate agents are bad for your pocket, but let me tell you they are totally opposite to that. They will help you saving money, time, headaches, and worst of all: legal problems.

Real estate agents normally offers the following services:

  • Professional photographs (very important when competing against other properties similar to yours!)
  • Realistic valuation of your property, based on the offer and the demand, the property conditions and specs, location, views, and a big etcetera.
  • Filtering real prospects from time wasters or even professional burglars.
  • They help clients to obtain the financing they need for purchasing the property.
  • Giving you advice in preparing the house in order to make it much more appealing to possible buyers and reducing discounts requests that will make you lose money.
  • Very extended experience in selling properties.
  • They have collaborators that will help them selling the property quicker (MLS).
  • Multiple property portals paid adverts.
  • Google and other social media paid adverts.
  • Property exhibitions in different countries and in local areas.
  • Multiple marketing paid tools.
  • And many more…

As you can see, a real estate agent can be your best friend in selling your property at the best price and at the shortest time.

Call your local agent now and start selling your property the professional way!